Surgical Tech Schools in Michigan

The surgical tech schools in Michigan are ready to help you get a start in a new career working in the operating room helping save lives. According to the latest data presented by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the position of surgical technologist is expecting a tremendous increase in new job opportunities through the year 2020. The surgical tech programs in Michigan are a perfect way for you to get off the bench and in to the game by training to work in a job that is in great demand right now.

Through the surgical tech schools in Michigan, you will be able to receive the training necessary to earn an important spot on the surgical team. You may not realize it but surgical techs play a vital role in the safety of both the patient and the operating room staff as well as keeping the surgery on track. Other critical duties that surgical techs are responsible for include assisting the surgical team during the operation as well as preparing the patient for surgery. The importance of the surgical tech cannot be understated by any means as their job is integral towards a successful surgery.

Finding Surgical Tech Schools in Michigan

surgical tech schools in michiganYou shouldn’t have to search too far to find one of the surgical tech schools in Michigan. There are a number of nursing schools that offer the proper training necessary to become a surgical technologist. Besides nursing schools, you can find training at a few of the community colleges as well as some job programs. We have provide a few programs on the bottom portion of this page to help you find one in your area.

Online Surgical Tech Programs

If you are having trouble finding one of the surgical tech programs in Michigan near you or if your schedule does not permit you go to a campus-based school, there is another alternative. Distance learning or online surgical tech programs can be a way to get your education too. Growing in popularity, online colleges and universities offer students the ability to get the right education with the benefits of flexible schedules and studying from home.

Facts about Surgical Tech Programs in Michigan

To help you understand what the surgical tech schools in Michigan, it is best to have an understanding of what there is to offer. Below are a few topics you should be made aware of when you are looking for the training program that best fits you.


surgical tech programs in michiganIt is very important that when you are looking at the various surgical tech schools in Michigan that you find a program that has the proper accreditation to help you succeed. An accreditation by either your state’s board of nursing or through a national governing body such as the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) will help ensure you get the right kind of education. Schools with this accreditation have met the strict standards and lesson plans to help you on your way to becoming a surgical tech. Plus, by going to an accredited school make give you an edge with potential employers.

Degree vs. Certificate Programs

When you decide that becoming a surgical tech is what you want to do, it is important that you know the options available to you as far as education goes. Depending on your career goals, you can either get your training through a certificate program or aim a bit higher for your associate degree. A certificate program will get you in the job market quicker but we highly recommend that you should seriously consider getting your associate degree. The main reasons for this recommendation is to help boost the chance for more opportunities in salary and employment you may be presented.

Certification or Not

As you finish your training at one of the surgical tech schools in Michigan you will need to start consider whether you want to earn your certification. While certification is currently not required in Michigan, the potential higher salary and increased job opportunities for those with certification are common. For more information on certification please look at the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting (NBSTSA) website or the Association of Surgical Technologists (AST) website.

Surgical Tech Salary in Michigan

The median salary for surgical techs in Michigan is around $20 an hour or $41,200 a year, according to the latest numbers from O*Net Online. While your realized salary might be slightly different due to a number of factors such as experience and what part of the state you are in, the overall salary numbers are fairly solid considering the low educational barrier.

Surgical Tech Jobs in Michigan

As mentioned earlier, there is a tremendous growth in the healthcare sector including the surgical tech position. This increase in the number of surgical tech jobs in Michigan is directly related to the aging population and population growth. The most common work environments for a surgical tech can be found in hospitals but there are other workplaces to consider. Below you will find a chart the types and percentages of workplaces employing surgical techs.

surgical tech jobs in michigan


Becoming a surgical tech is a wonderful way to make a living. You will be in the forefront of helping people in need of surgical procedures which is a rewarding feeling. You will also be working in a field that is very much in demand and will continue to be so in the near future. The surgical tech schools in Michigan can make this career a reality for you, so go to it!