Surgical Tech Schools in New York

Looking for an amazing new career in the field of healthcare then you should check out the surgical tech schools in New York. Not only will you get a great education and training for a new career but also you will find a career that has been incredibly stable throughout the economic problems this country has been having. All it takes to start is enrolling in any of the surgical tech schools in NY.

What to Know About Surgical Tech Schools in NY

surgical tech schools in new yorkThe field of surgical technology offers a dynamic range of responsibilities. Needless to say, the skill set for surgical technicians runs well beyond the obvious working knowledge in anatomy, medical terminology, and rudimentary operating room standards. The demand is certainly high for agile, dexterous, and quick-witted persons. Long hours on the feet are rewarded by the prospect of a life prolonged or an individual’s well-being preserved. Stress-management is necessary, and would-be surgical techs must be able to handle the often-dramatic tension of the operating room.

Students interested in attending surgical tech schools in New York should have a high school-level proficiency in biology, health, chemistry, and mathematics before applying. Those whose interests are naturally piqued by these subjects are an ideal fit.

Surgical technology programs gain accreditation through the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP). The CAAHEP website lists 11 schools offering surgical tech programs in New York State alone. The programs in these schools range in duration. However, most will grant an associate’s degree after two years. Certification in surgical technology comes in several forms through several different organizations. The National Healthcare Organization, for instance, offers a certification with the title, “Certified Operating Room and Surgical Technician (CORST),” which is gained either through accredited course work or field experience.

Surgical Tech Schools in New York

surgical tech schools in NYMany surgical tech schools in New York offer students the opportunity to receive practice in a mock surgical lab. Attendees of Long Island University’s surgical tech program gain real world experience in actual clinical settings. The school has partnered with various hospitals for this purpose. It is in this very locale where the respective mettles of tomorrow’s technicians are fundamentally tested.

Nassau Community College is one of the surgical tech schools in New York whose programs have gained popularity in recent years. In addition to its offering an associate’s degree in Applied Science in Surgical Technology, the school boasts the only program on Long Island that received CAAHEP accreditation upon recommendation from the Accreditation Review Council on Education in Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting (ARCSTSA). Some clarification is necessary, for Long Island University is capable of a similar boast, having had its CAAHEP accreditation through the Accreditation Review Committee on Education in Surgical Technology (ARC-ST). Both claims are valid. No real distinction should be made between the two organizations save for the fact that the latter is a subset of the former.

Surgical Tech Outook

The job outlook for surgical technicians looks promising over the remainder of the decade and beyond. As progress in medical science continues to improve surgical safety and efficiency, positions in surgical technology are expected to have increased by 19 percent over the next seven years. The advance of the baby boomer generation toward post-retirement age is also a factor. This relatively large population will find themselves in need of a variety of procedures for the heart, the replacement of joints, and other procedures to combat the effects of aging. This will necessitate the demand for surgical technicians in operating rooms everywhere. The speculation is that, rather than employ registered nurses who tend to draw higher salaries, hospitals will be more apt to hire individuals trained specifically in surgical technology for the operating room.

Ambulatory care has seen increased usage of advanced medical technology. According to the World Health Organization, ambulatory care provision is a “critical determinant of health system performance in developing countries.” The gravity in this statement implies that, at home as well as abroad, the demand for surgical technicians can only increase as the world continues to proverbially shrink.

Surgical Tech Salary Information

surgical tech salaryThe most recent data gathered by the Bureau of Labor Statistics gives the national median surgical technician’s salary was $41,800. In New York, the annual median salary is $45,300. The figures are obviously the median of all salaries, as half the technician’s salaries were higher and half were lower. This means that on the high end, a technician might expect over $60,000. Outpatient care centers top the list of industries employing the highest amount of surgical technicians at the highest wages.

Prospects are indeed high for those looking into surgical tech schools in New York and everywhere else. Every leap in the advancement of medicine is intertwined with a corresponding leap in technology. The acceleration is fueled by those that recognize the constant need for expertise, competency, and compassion in this most noble of humanitarian professions. The future is calling them.